Trieste has always fallen under the influence of different "visitors": Venetians, French, Austrians, Slovenians - today the city is a reflection of its eventful history and elegantly and confidently combines pasta with coffee house romance. Our upholstery fabric TRIESTE also pairs different colors in its bi-colored surface to create an inviting, harmonious overall picture. The soft, velvety surface makes the feel a pleasure and the design of seating furniture a real pleasure.


92% Polyester /
8% polyamide


88% Polyester /
12% polyamide

Base fabric

100% Polyester

Roll length

40 m


142 cm +/- 2 cm

Usable width

140 cm +/- 2 cm


340 g +/- 5%

Tested by
CTL Oeko Tex

We are a supporting member of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German Furniture Quality Association).

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